Mission and Purpose

This ministry was initiate by Ap. Dr. Wilson .E. Kulaba with the main core values being to cater for, nature and ensure men reach their full potential in God as they support the broader vision of the ministry. Teaching and counseling classes to all men of who intend to enter Holy Matrimony(Educating them about biblical principles of marriage and responsibilities of a Christian man)


To Raise Strong and Committed Leaders, by pursuing excellence in academics, practical skills, integrity in conduct and moral values, to produce responsible Christians and excellent citizens.


  • To advocate for and promote the rights and welfare of Men, Women and Children.
  • To provide relief and humanitarian services to the disadvantaged Men, Women and Children.
  • To develop educational institutions, life skills and vocational training programs that benefit disadvantaged communities.
  • To address the dangers posed by HIV/AIDS and its effects in the society.
  • Promote and support Christian Missions, Evangelism and Discipleship in educational institutions.