Children's Ministry

Ap. Dr. Wilson Evans Kulaba believes that it is our responsibility as believers to cater for the young ones. Indebted to God with our children in the way that they are to be brought up, we have hundreds of children in the Sunday school and we are bold enough to say God is raising a younger generation (God’s Army).

Youth Ministry

If you are looking for a ministry that will make a positive impact in the lives of your teens, then look no further. Our goal is to empower the generation of NOW—NOW prophets, NOW preachers, NOW teachers, NOW prayer warriors, and NOW worshipers for God. We are available during regular Sunday morning services.

Soul Sisters

Soul Sisters is a ministry under Jubilee Christian Life Church International; whose focus and attention is on women of all ages, class, calling and walks of life, reminding them that God is crazy about them and loves them no matter where they come from or what they have done.

Jubilee Smiles

It’s an umbrella under Jubilee Christian Life Church international Ministry that is passionate about giving hope to the less advantaged in society. There are a couple of outreaches involved including those within the church and the community at large. Prisons, Hospitals, Orphanages, Widows, and various neighborhood homes have been reached out to.

Men of Might

This ministry was initiate by Ap. Dr. Wilson .E. Kulaba with the main core values being to cater for, nature and ensure men reach their full potential in God as they support the broader vision of the ministry. Teaching and counseling classes to all men of who intend to enter Holy Matrimony(Educating them about biblical principles of marriage and responsibilities of a Christian man)

Eagles Ark

The Eagles Ark is a University & higher institutions of learning ministry initiated by Ap. Dr. Wilson .E. Kulaba. The vision of the ministry is to empower young people in Universities & higher institutions achieve their God given dreams. The objective is to provide young people with ministry opportunities and a spiritual family, engage young people in Christian related activities.