Dr. Wilson Evans Kulaba, (Ph.D) is the Senior Pastor and Founder of Jubilee Christian Life Church International [JCLCI]; a dynamic and fast growing ministry in Kireka – Kampala. He is also the Founder of Jubilee Churches Uganda – an umbrella organization that oversees Jubilee Churches founded in various districts of Uganda and is the President of Jubilee Corporate Classic.

At the age of 17, Dr. Kulaba responded to the call to ministry by giving up his aspiration to study Engineering and joined Alpha and Omega Seminary (location) to study Christian Theology in 1992, where he was officially ordained in the work of the ministry. The vision to start Jubilee Churches began with a word from Leviticus 25:10; “…to proclaim liberty throughout all the land to all its inhabitants …” With this endorsement from God, Dr Kulaba rose up to the assignment and passionately started preaching and declaring that word from city to city.

Over 200 churches and 600 pastors in Uganda have been birthed through evangelism and discipleship. Many souls have been won to the Kingdom through his ministry, as such, he has been able to influence lives by transforming their mindsets, trained and raised committed Leaders for service and ultimately inspired them to pursue their dreams with excellence. Dr. Kulaba is married to Priscilla and they have three Children; Shimei, Jesse and Jasmine.


There is nothing typical about Priscilla Kulaba than her life style of service. Passionate towards the less advantaged is one thing that cannot be ruled out from her. With the great commitment and heart to love and serve people, she was able to start an outreach code-named Jubilee Smiles, under which she began an Orphanage School and widow’s platform to promote godliness and sisterhood respectively. Much still, she runs a sponsorship programme designed to bring hope to the orphans as well as funding small scale businesses and self helped activities in a home setting, geared at raising and sustaining the economy in homes.

Born and raised in Tanzania, in a city called Morogoro to Drs the Late Dotto Muhombolage and mother Rehema Muhombolage who still lives. From a background that was typically Muslim, one would not easily imagine a total turn around for any member of the family. It was not long before, that her mother responded to the call of God unto salvation. That was the beginning of a transformation in Priscilla’s life together with her siblings.